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    There are no words to express the gratitude I feel toward Dr. Fader. I used to be a very athletic, energetic and always on the go type of person and after an injury and a couple of previous unsuccessful labral tear repairs from other orthopedic surgeons in the past my chances of ever feeling normal again were far in the rearview mirror at only 39 years old. After yet another tear and partial dislocation the stars aligned and my path led to you. Your ability to see me very quickly, your conservative approach to manage pain and determine the best plan for recovery and willingness to take on a 3rd revision and reconstruction surpassed the expectations I had prior to meeting you. You not only fixed my problem, but you did it with zero complications, phenomenal follow-up and so much enthusiasm I felt like a kid on Christmas morning getting everything I ever wanted (my life back)! I am now 6 months out from a very intense procedure and doing better than I could have imagined. I look forward to my cardio workouts, hikes with the kids, wearing high heels, dancing and so much more now that I am painfree! You changed my life and I am forever grateful!