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    Surgery and a long recovery for a Labral tear was very unexpected for our 12 year old daughter. When pain continued after months of rest and therapy, it was becoming obvious that surgery was likely.
    We saw a few surgeons for consults and as soon as our daughter met Dr. Fader she said, “I want him to do the surgery.”
    He immediately made our daughter comfortable and at ease as he was very honest and open with her during conversations. He gave her hope that she would be pain free and get back to doing normal kid things and the sports she loved to play! He didn’t sugar coat the process but he was always optimistic.
    As the mom who happens to be a nurse and healthcare administrator, I was impressed by both Dr. Faders bedside communication and surgical expertise. He was able to share the most current research and had techniques and tools that surpassed all the other surgeons. He spent a considerable amount of time with us pre-post surgery, gave thorough explanations with each step, and supported and encouraged our daughter at each appointment.
    They always say, if you want to know which doctor or surgeon to see, ask a nurse who they would recommend. This nurse would recommend Dr. Fader with a 5 star review! I trusted him with our daughters surgery and recovery and would trust him to give you the same incredible care he gave us.
    (Photos attached are of Chloe’s first basketball game 6+ months post surgery and as you can see in the video, she is back to doing her usual tricks on the tube!) I would say she is back to being a kid!
    Thank you Dr. Fader - we are forever grateful! The Rymal family