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    I have femoroacetabular impingement with a labral tear in my right hip. I have known I had a labral tear for about 6 years with progressive pain. I saw another orthopedic surgeon at another practice who suggested that due to my age, I'm in my 50's, that he really wasn't interested in performing surgery to address my pain and dysfunction. I was very active and an avid sailor and my hip pain started to really impact my life. I was unable to sit in the car or drive for more than about 30 minutes, unable to climb up and down stairs whether at home or on my sailboat, unable to enjoy walks or being active. At it's worst, I was unable to really put on pants without pain. With my first visit with Dr Fader he listened and understood the impacts my hip was having on my life and when I related to him that I was told I was "too old" to have my hip fixed, he wrinkled up his face and wondered out loud what age had to do with it. Finally, I felt like someone was here to help. Dr Fader performed surgery on my right hip to repair the labral tear and correct the FAI and I couldn't be more pleased. I knew as soon as I woke up from surgery that the pain was different and things were going to improve. I am now a year out from my surgery and I am unlimited in my abilities to walk, run, sail, be active and live my life! I truly feel 20 years younger and this year sailed on adventure of a lifetime through the Great Lakes and the east coast. I could not have completed this trip without Dr Fader and his skilled surgical expertise.