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    I experienced a traumatic fall in January 2020 resulting in multiple broken bones, tears,rips, and assorted injuries. I was being seen by good doctors, one for my ankle and one for my knee. My ankle progressively got better, but my knee did not. I believe that my doctor I was seeing for my knee was frustrated by stalled progress and continued complaints of pain and finally referred me to Dr. Fader. Thank you Dr Fader for actually listening to me, to understanding that these injuries were impacting my daily life. Dr. Fader studied my MRI results and put together a plan of care, which included multiple procedures during one surgery. I went from being in pain 24/7 and having a difficult time working or enjoying regular activities, to now being pain free for most of my day. Dr. Fader is kind, intelligent, skilled, and professional. Having Surgery with Dr. Fader was a total Game changer!